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Cable's Insulation Fault Location


Pre location of cable’s insulation fault.

Methods of pre location

 Murray and Glasser Bridge method

  • Pulse reflection method
  • Impulse current method
  • Secondary Impulse Method (Arc reflection)


TDR graph (secondary impulse method)



Pin-point location of cable insulation fault

 Methods of pin point location

  • Twist method
  • Acoustic method





Cable's Sheath Fault 

Pre location of cable’s sheath fault. 

 Methods of pre location

  • Murray and Glasser Bridge method
Murray Bridge Method


Pin-point location of cable sheath fault 

 Methods of pin point location

  • Step Voltage method

The flow of pulsed DC voltages through the impedance of the earth fault creates slight DC voltage differences along the cable path. The effect is strongest exactly over the fault and can be detected by the use of two earth spikes and a very sensitive voltmeter – locator. If the fault is in the middle between the two earth spikes, the voltage difference is zero.