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Motors - Generators Tests

We provide

  • commissioning works for medium and high voltage motors and generators 
  • start up and prior to initial energization services
  • complete maintenance and preventive program
  • services in case of damage, malfunctions or any other circumstance  


10MVA, 6.6kV diesel generator


All above are provided according to the latest applicable international standards and will be followed by relevant test reports.


  • Insulation resistance measurements (DAR – PI – IR – Step Voltage) 

Fundamental tests for motor or generator condition monitoring. These tests indicate the insulating quality of a dielectric by applying a DC voltage and measuring the current flow to present the insulation value in ohms and trend this value over a time interval of 10 minutes. ATE uses a series of testers (up to 5kV) to perform the measurements


  • Capacitance and tan δ measurements

The measurement and trending of the dielectric loss angle of stator winding insulation is an important tool in the condition monitoring of the machine stator. The values and the trend will show degradation of the insulation and can be used in predictive assessment to determine the best time for costly maintenance. ATE uses the MEGGER DELTA 4000 test unit to perform measurements to the highest accuracy.

 ATE performs grounded and ungrounded tip – up tests in order to measure all capacitances between stator phases and tank and to detect moisture within insulation.


  • DC stator and rotor windings resistance tests

These tests are used to identify the presence of generator rotor or stator shorted, damaged or cut turns or windings. Damages in motors or generators windings will lead to uneven heating, machine vibrations, power losses and unbalanced magnetic flux. ATE uses micro-ohmmeter WRM-40 manufactured by VANGUARD INSTRUMENTS Inc to perform the measurements.


  • Power quality monitoring

In order to locate a problem or a malfunction in a machines’ operation or when  is needed  to verify the correct operation of a motor or a generator it is often  used a power quality monitoring, storing and logging of all electrical characteristics. ATE uses power quality recorders such as FLUKE 1760 TR and AEMC 3945 to perform the measurements.