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Protection Relays - Energy Meters

We provide

  • Protection system scheme design
  • Equipment specifications
  • Installation and wiring
  • Protection relays’ setting and programming
  • Commissioning works
  • Protection relays’ testing according to protection studies. In particular relay testing in

  • Overcurrent and short circuit, ground fault
  • Voltage and frequency protection
  • Transformers’ differential protection
  • Motor’s and Generator’s protection
  • DC overcurrent
  • Reclosing relay
  • Directional protection
  • Distance protection


  •  Complete maintenance and preventive program  

Our skilled engineers are ready to rapid response for the preferences of different and service needs. ATE uses OMICRON CMC equipment and SVERKER F70 device to perform the tests. 

We also provide an end to end project solution including the following facets:

  • Inspection and test QA plans
  • Factory acceptance test staging
  • Site acceptance testing/pre-commissioning
  • Commissioning
  • Commissioning Management


 Maintenance and Routine Testing

Many owners of HV plants assume that if they maintain their HV transformer then they are performing all the necessary maintenance to ensure a long and troubleless life for their network. It is important to remember that protection relays and auxiliary devices can sometimes fail, their calibration may drift and wiring could loosen due to vibrations and bad connections. It is imperative that owners implement routine testing and maintenance of the secondary systems, to ensure that under fault conditions, the protection can operate to its optimum and clear the fault in the required time to maintain system stability and minimize expensive outages and damage.

ATE performs comprehensive maintenance and routine testing for all types of protection and control apparatus to ensure that trips, alarms and controls function they way there designed to. Our services include:

  • secondary injection
  • relay and transducer calibration
  • maintenance of mechanical relays
  • alarm checks
  • trip checks
  • burden measurements
  • wire tightness checks

All above are and followed by relevant test reports



ATE also provides energy meters testing. In particular we offer

  • Relay and transducer calibration
  • Wiring tests
  • Alarm tests
  • Trip tests
  • Accuracy tests on energy meters