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Thermographic Imaging

Thermographic surveillance is a reliable and non-intrusive method of visualizing the temperature distribution on object surfaces. This has revolutionized the predictive maintenance programs of industries worldwide. Utilities, industrial, manufacturers and many other organizations have realized the significant savings that early detection of hot spots in their high voltage system can provide. The proven ability to find heating anomalies before they evolve to a costly failure, has amounted to huge savings across all sectors of the high voltage industry.

ATE provides comprehensive thermal surveying of primary and secondary plant to find faults swiftly and efficiently for our customers. We provide aerial and terrestrial surveys of feeder, overhead lines, power stations and substations to suit customers’ requirements and generate comprehensive reports of all faults found.

Our staff is qualified to be able to access switchboards and switchyards, observing correct limits of approach, to perform inspections without compromising safety. If appropriate, we are able to rectify low voltage faults on the spot saving costly revisits. We are also able to rectify high voltage faults during an outage.